3 time-saving, tidy-up tips

Here are three ways you can invest a little time to save it in the long run, based on things I found were wasting my time:

1) Wake up your computer faster by clearing your desktop! Apparently it helps your computer to boot up faster if you have no documents & only short-cuts on your desktop. Wikihow has lots of tips on how to make your computer run faster, but just keeping files in order and off the desktop is relatively quick and easy to do. In any case, it gives me a lovely sense of order to have very little on my desktop, and tidiness generally saves me time looking for stuff. Or should I really say “organised messiness”?!

2) Back-up phone contacts and only leave the people on your phone who you know you’re going to call. (A quick Google search will reveal how to do this, for your phone.) I used to have at least 20 people under each letter of the alphabet, regularly causing me to waste time scrolling through all those names when searching for the people who I wanted to call! I can always look up old contacts in my back-up, if I really need to.

3) Be efficient with passwords: find a system that works for you! I lose count of the times I’ve had to fill out those “lost password” boxes and then wait for the password to arrive in my inbox. Sometimes, whilst waiting, I got distracted and the link in my inbox timed out and I had to start all over again… now I have a system that works (please forgive me for not sharing it!), it saves me from frustration, as well as time!

What could you do, to save yourself time in the long run?


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