Be social on Twitter: say thank you!

I just read 3 interesting tips:

1) “Following” is for being social. So if someone follows you, follow them back! Then create saved searches and Twitter lists to watch stuff of interest to you. Sounds like a good idea: why didn’t I think of that? Only thing is, searching isn’t very easy on Twitter, unless people are using hashtags (I’m not the best at this, myself). But it’s more interesting to follow a wide bunch of people and have lists to look at for specific topics: I need to set some of these up!

2) Thank people who retweet your stuff by: favourite their re-tweet, tweet at them or direct message (DM) them. (Although, also see below because thanks in public can seem self-congratulatory.)

3) Don’t use auto-DM for those who follow you to invite them to look at your blog or other social media feeds as well ‘cos it’s like just meeting someone and immediately inviting them to your lab/office! (You can read about automating tweets on Twitter’s own help centre)

(These three tips are from the blog post “Twitter Etiquette to Use Right Away” on Social Media Today –

I also looked at: “7 ways to thank someone for a retweet”

It gives seven quick, short and useful tips on how to thank someone. I think that it’s nice to follow someone who retweets your tweets, by way of saying thanks. (This works well if you use “following” as recommended in the first tip, above.) Or to retweet something they have said, and reciprocating.

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