I have many profiles online… where are they all?

Recently, I explored “flavors.me“: the idea is a website that collates all of your online presences at one address. Great in theory, but it doesn’t have options for all the places where I have an online presence. Perhaps if I investigated the “RSS” button a bit more, I could add almost anything. It can pick up on Twitter and WordPress, but so can my LinkedIn profile, and that is useful to me in other ways, too. This is how flavors.me looks after a couple of tweaks:

flavors copy

You have to click on one of the badges on the left, to get content from either Twitter or WordPress to show on the right hand side. I do like that each one has a link that goes to those sites, which is called “profile” but I think it’s a bit too subtle. I don’t really want people to read my content on this page: I think that my blog looks better on WordPress and I recently tweeted about Rebelmouse, who do an excellent job with my tweets.

Flavors.me does access a lot of other social media sites, but I either don’t use them, or I want to keep my personal presences separate from my professional ones. So, it goes into the list of the many sites on which I have created a presence that I don’t intend to maintain… I won’t delete it in case it improves and I want to go back to it! But I haven’t linked to my profile there, on purpose. It’s probably not best practice, to have an out of date profile (or several) out there. But if they point to up to date ones, perhaps it is not so bad…

What is on my list of online profiles to go back to? The next things are: separate my personal and professional Youtube collections : update my Slideshare collection (big task!), and then update my profiles on Mendeley, ResearchGate and Academia.edu. But these things take time!


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