THE Webinar on altmetrics for librarians was yesterday…

#lcwebinar on twitter & is on Elsevier’s Library Connect website. You can see the slides or register for Brighttalk and see the whole presentation.

I enjoyed  my co-presenters’ sessions, from Mike Taylor and Kristi Holmes. Mike gave a great overview of what altmetrics actually are (and are not!) and Kristi put them in the context of considering academic impact and of storing such information about research and researchers.

I am very glad to have been one of the presenters. Yes, it was nerve wracking, especially knowing that it was likely to be the biggest webinar of the Library Connect webinar series, so far. Apparently, over 1700 people registered! And you could watch the number of people logging in increasing, throughout the webinar…it reached 1200, although I confess that I blocked that part of my screen when presenting. Too distracting!

Anyway, even though I was nervous, I was well prepared and I felt very much supported by the Elsevier staff who organised it all (especially Colleen DeLory who chaired the session) and indeed by my fellow speakers. We had previously held a rehearsal in the Brighttalk environment, which helped settle any worries about unfamiliar technology. It was actually a lot easier (and I think better) than presenting at a conference.

Both the rehearsal and an earlier telephone conference call helped to make us presenters feel comfortable with each other and to develop our presentations along complementary though not overlapping lines. I believe that it could not have been co-ordinated better: any more effort would have been too much of a time commitment, and any less would have made it (at the very least) a more stressful experience!

Credit to Elsevier’s Library Connect team: it was a well organised, well promoted event. Very many thanks for inviting me to speak, and for supporting us so well. If you are invited to talk at one of their seminars then don’t be daunted: it’s a very positive experience!


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