10 change management tips I have gleaned

2013 was a year of massive change, for me. So here is a little reflection, to round off the year:

1) Accept that it’s going to be a challenge. 

2) Have a plan. Then have a plan B!

3) Don’t make assumptions: find out for sure.

4) Inform your team and those affected & keep them informed. Be sure to vary your approach. Some people will appreciate 1 to 1 time, or at other times e-mail updates will be welcomed.

5) Don’t rush: allow time and particularly be sure to pause whenever you feel emotional.

6) Control your own emotions.

7) Tune into the emotions of others affected by the change.

8) Don’t allow the most active people to overwhelm others on your team.

9) Don’t give up: persevere whilst remaining open and adapting to circumstances.

10) Use your network for support: take advice from others who have been there before.

These were all gleaned from some management training that I received at the University of Warwick, known as the “WAMP” programme. I definitely see the wisdom in these tips, and you can apply them to your personal life too, with your “team” being your friends and family and your “network” being support services and new contacts.

Here’s to 2014!


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