The importance of evaluation

One of the things that I like so much about the chapter on “The fishscale of academicness”, by Alke Gröppel-Wegener and Geoff Walton, in the “Only Connect… ” book, is that it focuses on evaluating the information resources that you find.

Librarians often start information skills training, quite logically, with the tools that you need to find information resources. After all, you need to find stuff in order to evaluate it! Of course, Librarians do teach how to evaluate information resources (I used to base this on the classic question words: Who produced it & Where, What are they saying, How & Why are they writing, and When was it written? The University of Bath also has a handy checklist for handling academic sources), and Librarians have long recognised the importance of such skills when handling Internet information, but I like that the Fishscale technique puts the evaluation skills first. It seems appropriate, in the Google era.

Here is a link directly to the chapter, if you want to read more about The fishscale of academicness. It is also beautifully illustrated, by Josh Filhol. 


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