So many ways to tweet!

With so many social media channels and a full e-mail inbox, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to tweet like a pro… but there are many ways to maximise your Twitter time.

When you want to tweet, you can go to and type something amazing in by hand, or you could:

1) Go to LinkedIn to type something amazing in by hand, and reach two online communities for the price of one (if you joined them up that way).

2) Link Twitter to your online bookmarking tool so that whenever you add a new bookmark, it gets tweeted to your contacts. You can do this in many different ways, but one possible route is through You might want to get sophisticated and have a separate collection that is to be tweeted, rather than all of your bookmarks.

3) Link your blog so that a tweet goes out with the title, whenever you publish a new blog post. (Then think about Twitter when giving your blog posts titles & the first line!)

4) Follow other people’s tweets and re-tweet one or two, when you find something interesting.

5) When you read an interesting blog post or news article, click on the “tweet this” button, to share it with other people. Say why you liked it to personalise it a bit.

Those are my tips, but there are lots of other ways to tweet, and if you use or a similar tool occasionally, then you can keep an eye on your own activity, to make sure that you’re tweeting regularly, keeping up appearances! I also find Hootsuite invaluable as I can see at a glance on one page, if anyone has mentioned me or direct tweeted me: it’s important to respond to these appropriately and fast, if you’re on twitter.

And of course, if you have a smart phone then you can do all this at the bus stop or in a canteen queue 😉


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