Using Twitter to advertise or find Library jobs

I read a good blog post about job-searching using Twitter.  I thought how it might also be interesting for library recruiters, who want to know how to reach a wider pool of candidates through Twitter… and of course, for other librarians who are job hunting! This is in no way an exhaustive list for a job seeker (terms off the top of my head and from a quick Google), but it throws up some interesting ideas.

Here is my list of accounts and hashtags that I found, starting with two recommended in that blog post:

  • @libgig_jobs : mostly used for America, by the look of it, but I also spotted one in Shanghai!
  • #Tweetmyjobs : according to that blog post, this is the hashtag of choice for job adverts. Search for this, along with #library and you get some relevant stuff.
Beyond the tips from the blog post:
  • #hiring : search along with #library: most opportunities are in the US.
  • #jobs : same story as #hiring
  • #vacancies : combined with #library turns up a Cambridge Uni post, CILIP and the Norwich Job centre, amongst others. #vacancy also works, with #library. It’s a term that is more common in British English, I think.
  • #libraryjobs : mostly US but I spotted the Uni of Derby & Uni of Bristol on there.
  • #libjobs : Uni of Perth (as in Highlands & Islands) spotted here, but mostly US…
  • #lisjobs : More UK focussed. I spotted York Uni (with #yorkshire tag) and British Library here.
  • @AcadLibJobs : North American focus.
  • @LibraryPosition : appears entirely US.
  • @LibraryJobs : tweets library jobs in Ireland.

If you’re a recruiter looking for a wide catchment and/or a social media savvy recruit, then I recommend that you copy this format when advertising a job on Twitter, as widely as possible:  New post added today! [short link] #vacancies #LISjobs #libraryjobs #libjobs #Library #jobs.  Plus a hashtag indicating the region or country of your library.

If you’re a job seeker then: good luck; don’t forget to keep your own online profile professional-looking; do go beyond my list to look on the vacancies webpages of Universities and libraries of interest to you, to see if they tweet about jobs or prefer other advertising mechanisms. And don’t forget about national organisations like CILIP for the UK, they have excellent advice.

One final thought: I did get an English language bias, of course, because my search terms are all in English, but I didn’t spot any opportunities in Australia or New Zealand… I wonder why?


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