Slideshare updating

Having discovered that my Slideshare profile sits quite high on Google, here are the things I did to refresh it:

1) I logged in through my LinkedIn profile and was offered the option to link Slideshare to LinkedIn: I remember doing this once already, but perhaps they offer new features now. There were various tick boxes offered, for me to choose just how closely I want the accounts linked.

2) Even though I joined it to Linkedin, I needed to update my Slideshare profile by hand. I uploaded a new picture and entered my current job title. It brought the “about me” text from LinkedIn, and I edited that to fit.

3) I considered the copyright option to apply to my slides: I’m happy with people re-using my content if they reference me, so I chose CC-Attribution.

4) I “liked” my own slideshow on the UKSG channel

Next, I suppose I should consider uploading more of my slideshows, and I see that Slideshare now allows for document uploads, infographics and videos as well as slideshows, and then I could always invest time being “social” there, by reading and liking other people’s slideshows, and following their channels… but my four steps are quite enough for now!


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